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Saturday 19 November 2016

Paris. The Romantic City & The Things No One Tells You

 France, Paris. The most romantic city in the world.

Monday 14th November. Wakeup call 4.30am. My first trip abroad. Out of the uk for 72 hours.

Paris is always a city I have wanted to travel to. To see the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre. See the beautiful buildings, the crazy city that never seemed to sleep when I was there and famous  'love lock' bridge and of course Sephora. Everything that made Paris seem the perfect city break.

Although Paris was amazing and would 100% go back again, there was a few things that made me feel a uncomfortable and wish I planned out the trip a lot better. Things I wish people told me.
Now I am a very very nervous person so things in a new situation and even a new country for the first time would make me anxious. My first point did just that..

1. Beggars & Souvenir sellers  - Now beggars is a term I use lightly here so please don't jump at me. I will always give what I can to beggars/homeless on the street, there is nothing I hate more than seeing someone in need and if I can give what I can then I will. But in Paris I have never felt so uncomfortable or bombarded by a few/crowed of homeless people hoovering around near your shoulder where your bag is, pocking you for change as soon as your hand enters your pocket/bag or when you go to a food van they jump in front of you when paying so they can have it. This is something I felt so uncomfortable with, that I didn't want to help them and thats something I hate to say.  I just felt force to give something which isn't something you should do and I felt so unsafe doing it also. It just made me feel so anxious. This also was the case when leaving the Eiffel Tower, 6 men selling souvenir's blocking the exit to the point you had to force your way out and them follow you just so you could by a figurine or a selfie stick. It just really scared me. - This damped my experience which sucked  ALOT

2.  Crazy drivers - This is something that was mentioned to me by a few family members and        honestly I was fascinated with it all. How is it possible to drive on one road with no lanes and three even four cars driving along side one another or someone getting in to the wrong 'lane' needing to move over and beeping at people for not letting them go even though no one seemed to use an indicator and even buses over turing and coming on to the pathway. Im shocked that I only saw 5 accidence in 72 hours.. So fascinating yet so scary so see!

3. Overbudget for meals - This is kind of obvious but I didn't notice how expensive drinks was. If your like me and like a few drinks with meals this is where your bill can become super expensive, but the meals out there are just. OH WOWWW!!

4. Plan your activities right!! - Something I wish we did. The main thing we wanted to do was visit The Louvre but sadly couldn't. We arrived Monday and left Wednesday and the only day it was open was Wednesday to Sunday. They have changed the rules on taking bags and suitcase in which meant having a suitcase with us was a no go, so if knowing this in advance we would of planned better and gone Tuesday to Thursday. A tip.. I would highly recommend booking the Eiffel Tower through a tourist group called HB Group. They give you a tour and give you so many facts on the Eiffel tower and Paris, you jump queue's and honesty makes it fun. Also eat at restaurant 58 tour in the Eiffel - the food is to die for and the view is unreal.

5. Take comfy shoes with you. There is a lot of walking to be done - The only way to do Paris is to walk. Get lost and explore the beautiful city. You will stumble across cute streets, designer boutiques with the perfect door steps, yummy places to eat and little shops to buy souvenirs.

So take away points one and maybe two. Would I go again?  I would a million times over.
It honestly was the perfect city to go to for 72 hours and hopefully next time we will make more out of it on the next visit..

Until next time Paris. Au Revoir 


Sunday 16 October 2016

Feeling Zen.. A Weekend Spa Break At Whittlebury Hall

A few weeks back I headed to Whittlebury Hall for a spa break with Jess from Copper Garden.
It was lovely to spend some time with her even though I see her a lot we haven't spent this much time together since we was 18 so was good to have a weekend together to relax, unwind and have a good old catch up and as I have never been to a spa before so this was even more exciting.

Whittlebury Hall is in a perfect home town location set in the country side and right near Silverstone. The hotel and spa is also on a golf course so as you could imagine it was very peaceful. - very peaceful
The hotel was a mixture of old decor and modern which I loved as it's perfect for everyone and just made it different from any hotel I have stayed in before. Jess and I stayed in what seemed to be the most modern room there with a gorgeous garden view and the wallpaper reminded me of what my bedroom looked like when I was 15 so it felt very homely to me.
We had twins beds, with a cute little seating area with a tv on the wall so you could watch from your bed or sitting down while having room service - which we did the chocolate afternoon tea, yum.
We also was about a 2 minuet walk from the spa which was perfect.

Now lets talk about the spa. We was a little confused when it came to the spa as the hotel actually has two. You have one spa area which is the leisure club it has a large pool, jacuzzi, steam and sauna room. The second spa which was my favourite was the heat and ice experience. You walk in and you have a massive jacuzzi then you follow the room around where you a foot bath, an ice room, sauna, steam room, and a few more which just makes the experience so good! I'd recommend it just for this spa.

The package we had gave us a overnight stay, use of the facilities, a 25 minuet treatment - I had a neck, shoulder and back massage honestly never felt so relaxed.
We also had lunch and dinner included which was really nice and you can have an extra added so wine with your dinner or between lunch and dinner you could order room service which is what we did. We ordered chocolate afternoon tea which is perfect for a girls weekend.
But the best meal was breakfast. You could pick what you wanted. Cereal or full english breakfast and unlimited refills of orange juice and a good old cuppa, which Jess and I defiantly lived on the whole weekend.

If you haven't been to Whittlebury hotel and spa I highly highly recommend it. I would honestly go back in a heartebeat.  Thanks Whittleburry hotel and spa for having us stay


Thursday 13 October 2016

It's Okay Not To Be Okay

This week we was reminded about world mental health day 10|10|16. It was a day where we openly celebrated a subject that isn't spoken about which really should be. It's a subject that people don't want to discuss, it could be because they are scared or had negativity when mentioning about it but its a topic we shouldn't be scared to voice. I'm not one to open up publicly but around 3 months ago I had to. It came to a point where I physically and mentally shut down and I needed help and here it is.. Here is my story

I am someone who deals with a lot of low self esteem, guilt, depression and zero motivation on a daily basis. It's something I have been dealing with by myself for a very long time but more so over the last year. I was a happy kid growing up, I had friends I was always out having fun, attending school which I loved and had the best up bringing and child could wish for but when I was 12/13 I wasn't happy with my life and how I was anymore. I came from a loving home, a Dad and my Grandparents who would be full time parent/guardians when I was 2 weeks old. I left a school that I loved and went to a new one, I still had all my friends and I would make new ones but that wasn't the issue. I remember it like it was yesterday, that one comment on my first day of secondary school. Talking about your parents, siblings and that one comment that I would have to answer all the time and lead to a discussion I don't like talking about. And that question is this  'Don't you have a Mum?'

When I was growing up my Mum was my Nan. My Nan was the person I called Mum. No one asked me why when I was growing up they just all seemed to get it that my Nan was my Mum. No questioned me why I didn't have a Mum it wasn't something I fully understood. My Mum was someone I saw every Sunday or other Sunday for a hour. Some who sent me a card every birthday and christmas up until I was 15. She was someone who didn't want me from the moment she found out she had me in her womb. Someone who didn't try to have a relationship with me and someone who always lied to me. The thing that started my slow and long 10 years of deep depression dealing with this issues is telling me at the age of 13 she never wanted me in the first place. For 10 years thats a moment I have replayed in my head, even when I have a happy day that memory can make me so low that I can't even smile. When I was 13 I asked my Dad the whole story on why Mum was never there and every possible question I had, with everything he told me and since that day with my Mum I haven't had contact with her and I don't think I ever will.. I'm not ready to face it again

Fast forward a few months I started to get back on track but not for long. I think age 13-15 was the hardest for me, It was a time when I didn't feel like I was fitting in and dealing with my personal issue alone. I had friends but I never had best friends who I felt should know everything and share secrets with. I felt like I couldn't be me around them, I was a shadow trying to fit in with the crowed and I started acting up. I got in to trouble, I bunked school and did things I shouldn't of and I was horrible to my Dad and Grandparents as I always acted up. It was just a path way to a place I didn't want to be. I wasn't being myself I did what my friends wanted and what they wanted me to do then it came to a time when I realised what I was doing and who I turned in to so I stopped. My friends stopped calling and ignored me and I had no friends. I was alone so started making myself ill so I didn't have to go to school. Until one day it changed I became friends with some girls who I am friends with now who liked me for me and honestly they have seen me in my worst stage and best and without them I don't know what I would do!

Age 16/17 time had come to leave school and came my first long term relationship with someone who was 5 years older than me. Now this is where my low self esteem and lack in confident happened. I will admit something about him when I first met him was love at first sight. He was someone who accepted me for me and this was something that made me so happy. The first year of our relationship was perfect - or I though it was. He was very good at mind games, he stopped me going to prom because it was with someone who I had dated previously, I couldn't go out with friends in the summer, he took my bank cards and took total control on my finance which left me with debt, just so many things he did and I was blind until my friends started arguing with me because he was the main cause. I took a step back from the relationship and ended it and I saw it all. I saw how controlled I was and how he played with my emotions and my mind. Then 3 months later I went back to him again and for the next 2 years I experienced things I never thought would happened to me. I left the relationship damaged, a lesser version of myself, scared and zero confidence and all it took was a night out with old school friends and police to actually wake me up and see danger I let myself take on and was blinded by and see that the past 2 years was the biggest mistake of my life and a wake up call because I hate to think what more could of happened.

Fast forward the next 3 years and I am slowly getting back on track. I have days when I am so full of life, happy and even confident but then I have days when I will be bed bound, zero energy, not wanting to see people because my mind is just so damaged from what I have been through. Its hard to imagine the amount of feelings and things I have had to deal with alone over the last 10 years that Im shocked I didn't break down sooner. 4 months ago I was sick of feeling so sorry for myself that I went to the doctors to seek help. They took blood did some test but told me I am suffering from depression. It something I don't want to face because to me I wouldn't say I am depressed I mean yeah I can see it but I don't class myself as it. I think everyone see's depression as such a bad thing that I actually was scared to admit. I wasn't till I told my family and friends for everyone to say yeah I could see it but I couldn't till a Doctor told me. Honestly the amount of support I get from my friends and family is amazing - I'd be lost without them. I have a daily thought of if I could go back 10 years and change it I would because I want a life I am happy to be in. I want to wake up happy everyday and not be scared. Its something which will take time but I am looking forward to the day I wake up and have nothing to be afraid of. So if your depressed, or suffering with mental health speak up. Don't be ashamed because its something we need to be honest about and tell people how you feel.

Just remember its okay not to be okay.

Photographed by Jess 


Sunday 21 August 2016

Being Colour Confidence With Dove

I'm not going to lie, I am one for always wearing neutral colour clothing all year round and even more so in the hotter months because I am worried of a little sweat marks will show. I am as you would say a sweaty betty I think we all are (even if we admit it or not)  so I really hate wearing colour but over the past month I have been testing out Dove's Invisible Dry to really see if it helps keep the visible tell tell sweat marks at bay and honestly it really does!

Dove kindly invited me to Goodwoods Ladies day to really put it to the test but sadly I couldn't attend so I wanted to show you how it really holds up in daily life. All day today I have been super busy driving on motorways which in itself gives me the nervous sweats, I have been ruining errands and spending time with my best friend in this gorgeous field in the hot humid heat and do you see a patch under them armpits? Umm no way! I am a massively fan of Dove deodorant in general but this Invisible Dry is definitely my firm favourite. It's allowing me to wear colour in the hot humid british weather which I never thought would happen, so I am one happy sweat free bunny..

Thanks to Dove & Golin PR for working with me on this blog post
Dress: Free People via Selfridges
Photos taken by Copper Garden 

Tuesday 28 June 2016

The Cold Shoulder

The wonder returns! I know it's been a while. I have just been so busy with work life that I have struggled to keep up with my blog/youtube even my social life but I have finally reduced my hours at work so have more time for my blog and youtube which makes me SO happy.
Hopefully you'll welcome me back with open arms? 

       Outfit details                                                                                                              Photo Tech
      Top: Primark                                                                                                                              Images taken my Jess
       Jeans: Topshop                                                                                                                        Taken on an olympus pen epl7
       Bag: Primark                                                                                                                                     with a 45mm lens
      Shoes: Primark

Saturday 30 April 2016

Positivity & How I Try To Always Stay Happy

I'm not going to lie 90% of the time I am the most happiest and up beat person ever. I look at everyday as kind of my last, I get excited over the tiniest of things and I will do something that day that I know I can look back at at the end of the night and think 'today was a good day' but of course I am a human and the remaining 5% of my time I can be really upset and feel very blah!

I was never really a happy person a few years back, I held in a lot of feelings and to be honest was just really negative but while growing up I have learned to not take things to heart, to accept things that happen and just move on and the one biggest thing I have learned is that you can't change a situation, some problems and people..
Speaking of people this was something that really effected me and what made me be a negative person. I was friends with people who I felt I had to impress, or had to fake being someone I wasn't just to be friends and I hate that about myself, I was never happy and it just made me down all the time. I also had people who wouldn't leave me alone and kept constantly trying to get back in to my life, until recently. Something in me changed and I felt a massive weight fall from my shoulder. I finally let go of people who wasn't making me happy and who I felt I had to be fake for and since then everything I do I enjoy a hell of a lot more.. Of course being happy is a yourself type thing but people around you who you don't realise really effect how you think with and without even knowing.

Accepting yourself for who you are is the biggest thing that makes you happy. I found this so hard to overcome but in the last year I have learned to love myself for who I am. I may not be the smartest person in world, prettiest and successful person but I am unique. I am the one person in the world who is original and there is no one around like me. Good thing bad thing who knows . We are all one person who is like no other and that pretty cool. So I'm happy that now at almost the age of 24 I have learnt to think that I am one cool person hehe. Self love is so difficult to achieve but honestly once you are there you feel content. For someone who was always a people pleaser to now always make yourself happy will always make you happy.. ALWAYS

How I try to stay happy even on my sad days:
  • Take time for you!  If that be a long bubble bath, a cheeky naughty snack or a shopping trip. Girl you do it. 
  • Suround yourself with only positivity. Let go of thing and people that always make you feel rubbish. No one or thing should make you upset
  • Look at every situation as a positive. If you have one to many sweets, cheat meals, you get a spot on your face or even have a bad day at work, do something that will make you happy and not dwell on it. If you ate one to many pieces of chocolate get your bum to the gym and make your work out worth it to burn the cals off. Stressful day at work? Pamper yourself to the hot bubble bath you have thought about all day. Got an annoying spot? Get out your favourite masks and treat your skin.
  • Stay of social media for a day or two. This is defiantly something I stand by. If i have a bad day chances of me seeing something on twitter, Facebook or instagram is garenteed to make your mood worse and thats never good. I will normally read a book or snuggle up with my kitten on the sofa and bing what my fave tv shows. Its going to take your mind off the bad and distract you and come one who doesn't like kitten cuddles..

So pretty much thats the things that made me change and how I try stay happy 95%  of the time. 
Let me know what you do when your feeling blue and if you like these types of posts 

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Sleek Cream Contour Kit

At the beginning of the month I went to London to the launch of the new Sleek cream contour kits. Sleek was the first brand that I remember to launch a contour kit in the drugstore that was really good for the price point, was really pigmented and got my love for contour kits started. 2016 every drugstore brand seems to be bringing out contour kits and Sleek have too but with cream contouring. Now this is the first time I have tried a cream contour kit and this one is amazing!!
There will be  a first impressions coming up soon so you'll be able to see it in action but until then here is a sneak peak and swatches of the kits.

The Sleek Cream Contour Kits will be released on the 6th of April and come in light, medium and dark so its perfect for every skin tone and colour. I have used the light and medium contour kits and they honestly so good and really pigmented. I love how the kits can be used for the obvious which is contouring, bronzing up the skin and also using the shades mixed to blend out the harsh lines to make it flawless and blend it in to your skin tone and if your new to the contouring game it also comes with  a little directions leaflet with all the steps which is really good.

My natural skin tone is very very pale so for me finding foundations let alone contour kits is very hard, they either look muddy and dark for my skin colour but these are perfect. The right shades and tone for any pale girls out there and its actually so good to have a drugstore brand targeting pale complexions because it seems no other brand do that. The medium shade is perfect for when I'm freshly fake tanned through to 4 days after being tanned. its so good for when I'm transiting back to pale and the shades are perfect. I honestly can't rave about how good these are!

If you love contouring then you defiantly need to check these out when they are released, seriously amazing - thumbs up emoji inserted here*


Monday 7 March 2016


Bomber jackets seem to be everywhere right now and I am loving the trend. The one I'm wearing is from Boohoo which I did get a size too big but I have it in my normal size now so yay and also brought it in a khaki colour.
This one is so comfy and is perfect for days when you just want to be dressed causal but look like you sort of made and effort. I teamed it up with the cute af top which is also from Boohoo, my favourite jeans from Topshop and of course converse..

Photographed by Copper Garden

Saturday 27 February 2016


Photographed - Copper Garden

This jacket is one of my go to's for when the weather is really cold, It keeps you so warm and its like your wearing five thousand layers. I have had this for a while now and I am so glad I picked this up on a whim when I was mooching around New Look. I normally wear this jacket when I have a plain outfit on like I am in these pictures you know jeans, high neck top and boots, it really just pulls the outfit together and gives it that somethin' somethin' 

outfit details:
Jacket / New Look
Top / Primark
Jeans / Topshop
Boots / Topshop
Bag / Zara

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