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Saturday 19 November 2016

Paris. The Romantic City & The Things No One Tells You

 France, Paris. The most romantic city in the world.

Monday 14th November. Wakeup call 4.30am. My first trip abroad. Out of the uk for 72 hours.

Paris is always a city I have wanted to travel to. To see the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre. See the beautiful buildings, the crazy city that never seemed to sleep when I was there and famous  'love lock' bridge and of course Sephora. Everything that made Paris seem the perfect city break.

Although Paris was amazing and would 100% go back again, there was a few things that made me feel a uncomfortable and wish I planned out the trip a lot better. Things I wish people told me.
Now I am a very very nervous person so things in a new situation and even a new country for the first time would make me anxious. My first point did just that..

1. Beggars & Souvenir sellers  - Now beggars is a term I use lightly here so please don't jump at me. I will always give what I can to beggars/homeless on the street, there is nothing I hate more than seeing someone in need and if I can give what I can then I will. But in Paris I have never felt so uncomfortable or bombarded by a few/crowed of homeless people hoovering around near your shoulder where your bag is, pocking you for change as soon as your hand enters your pocket/bag or when you go to a food van they jump in front of you when paying so they can have it. This is something I felt so uncomfortable with, that I didn't want to help them and thats something I hate to say.  I just felt force to give something which isn't something you should do and I felt so unsafe doing it also. It just made me feel so anxious. This also was the case when leaving the Eiffel Tower, 6 men selling souvenir's blocking the exit to the point you had to force your way out and them follow you just so you could by a figurine or a selfie stick. It just really scared me. - This damped my experience which sucked  ALOT

2.  Crazy drivers - This is something that was mentioned to me by a few family members and        honestly I was fascinated with it all. How is it possible to drive on one road with no lanes and three even four cars driving along side one another or someone getting in to the wrong 'lane' needing to move over and beeping at people for not letting them go even though no one seemed to use an indicator and even buses over turing and coming on to the pathway. Im shocked that I only saw 5 accidence in 72 hours.. So fascinating yet so scary so see!

3. Overbudget for meals - This is kind of obvious but I didn't notice how expensive drinks was. If your like me and like a few drinks with meals this is where your bill can become super expensive, but the meals out there are just. OH WOWWW!!

4. Plan your activities right!! - Something I wish we did. The main thing we wanted to do was visit The Louvre but sadly couldn't. We arrived Monday and left Wednesday and the only day it was open was Wednesday to Sunday. They have changed the rules on taking bags and suitcase in which meant having a suitcase with us was a no go, so if knowing this in advance we would of planned better and gone Tuesday to Thursday. A tip.. I would highly recommend booking the Eiffel Tower through a tourist group called HB Group. They give you a tour and give you so many facts on the Eiffel tower and Paris, you jump queue's and honesty makes it fun. Also eat at restaurant 58 tour in the Eiffel - the food is to die for and the view is unreal.

5. Take comfy shoes with you. There is a lot of walking to be done - The only way to do Paris is to walk. Get lost and explore the beautiful city. You will stumble across cute streets, designer boutiques with the perfect door steps, yummy places to eat and little shops to buy souvenirs.

So take away points one and maybe two. Would I go again?  I would a million times over.
It honestly was the perfect city to go to for 72 hours and hopefully next time we will make more out of it on the next visit..

Until next time Paris. Au Revoir 


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  1. I found the same with street sellers when I went! I visited for 3 days when I was 17 and I found it so stressful being forced in to buying things you didnt want, and them following you down the street shouting things at you!! I think I'd be better now that I'm older though! xx


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