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Sunday 9 August 2015

AccessAllASOS With CoppaFeel

Asos is one of my favourite online shops they just seem to do everything you need all under one internet roof. Last month I got a email from the team over at AccessAllASOS telling me about the CoppaFeel project and how they are hijacking bra's sold on Asos to raise awareness for breast cancer.

CoppaFeel was started us by a young lady called Kris who at the age of 23 is dealing with stage 4 of breast cancer. She had a lump on her breast and like anyone who has developed a lump she went straight to the doctors to have it checked out. They told her its was nothing to worry about, so eight months on with the lump still there even having gone back to the doctors a second time and telling her it was nothing to worry about, Kris has stage 4 breast cancer that had spread to her spine.
Imagine that at the young age of 23 and having cancer?! What would you do? I know I would be in a whole world of shock but Kris turned all the negative thoughts and feelings in to starting up CoppaFeel to get young girls to regularly check for cancer and to remind us all the breast cancer can strike at any age. It's scary to think that 1 in 8 of us girls will be affect..

This cause is something that I strongly believe in as a story like this is so heartbreaking to hear and being a girl I will do anything to help someone like Kris who I honestly admire so much. I encourage you all to get to know your boobies and check them for any lumps and bumps. ASOS are running a #BraHijack campaign, they are hijacking bras with a label in the bra to spread awareness which I think its so cute.

Below is a link to the CoppaFeel website. You can read Kris's story and even read about how to check your boobs. Go on girls I really suggest getting yourself check to make sure your A OK..

CoppaFeel                   Kris's Story



Sunday 2 August 2015


Last week I filmed a first impressions on the new Maybelline Master Sculpt contour and highlighter kit. Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore makeup brands and when I saw that they was releasing this I was so excited to give it a little test.

First impressions of the product is that it's very pigmented, great packaging although it is a little bulky so not the best for traveling but does come with a brush that would be perfect for contouring and a good size mirror which could be good for travelling (going against what I said, I know) When it came to trying the product I found it to be very chalky and does give a lot of fall out when you dab the brush in the product which is never good and for me makes it seem a lot cheaper than it really is.
The highlighter just doesn't give enough pay off when applied to the cheek bones which is sad as when swatches its a gorgeous colour. The contour shade is perfect but other than the insane amount of fall out once applied it really is perfect and the brush it comes with well.. The fact that it wiped of my makeup when trying to contour just made me really annoyed because the brush is a perfect shape and is the perfect softness with the dense to the brush hairs that makes it the most amazing contour brush ever! Just proves again that drugstore applicators are pants.

Overall I am very 50/50 on the product but I do believe there is better contour palettes in the drugstore. I will continue to use the contour kit and brush to try make it work, so we will see.
 Click the video below to see a full review and demo on this product.

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Monday 27 July 2015

July Favourites

It's that time of the month where I run down what I have been loving and tell you all about it.
I haven't gone overboard with the products this month which is a shock but these have been seven things I can't seem to get enough off.

I have uploaded the favourites on my channel which you can watch below 
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Sunday 19 July 2015


So yet again I have been buying makeup when I really should be saving but the typical vlogger that I am just thought well if I do a haul it will be ok. So I filmed a haul and now get to play with all the makeup..

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Friday 12 June 2015


I always seem to do these what's in my bag videos every time I change my bag. I just love seeing how much crap appears in my bag just after a few weeks haha. The bag I am currently using is a small bag in comparison to the big bags I always use and is a dupe for the Celine nano bag. 
Looks identical but much cheaper so it won't dent the bank balance.


Thursday 22 January 2015


Hello my loves how are we all on this fine Thursday evening? Well I can't wait for it to be the weekend, this week has proved to be a very frustrating one. But enough of that!!  Last night I uploaded a little video showing you what is in my office/filming room, I pretty much spend most of my time in there and now that I finally have it how I want it I thought I would show you all.

Since I moved in to my new house last Feb I had a picture in my head of how I wanted it. Completely white with pretty little fairy lights all around my room and finally after 11 month I made it how I pictured - even better than I pictured it. My filming room does contain some of my nan's things so
I do kind of share this with her nan as she has two big chest of draws full of bed stuff in on one side of the room but it is her house so I kind of have to share it. It's still its a pretty big space and perfect for right now. Plus the camera and lights always hide them so its like that side isn't even there.
Pretty much everything furniture wise is from Ikea my makeup storage on top of my desk is from Muji and my picture frame pin board is from good old trusty Ebay at a steal of £10! But enough chatter lets get on to the actual tour, hope you enjoy the video..


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