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Sunday 2 August 2015


Last week I filmed a first impressions on the new Maybelline Master Sculpt contour and highlighter kit. Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore makeup brands and when I saw that they was releasing this I was so excited to give it a little test.

First impressions of the product is that it's very pigmented, great packaging although it is a little bulky so not the best for traveling but does come with a brush that would be perfect for contouring and a good size mirror which could be good for travelling (going against what I said, I know) When it came to trying the product I found it to be very chalky and does give a lot of fall out when you dab the brush in the product which is never good and for me makes it seem a lot cheaper than it really is.
The highlighter just doesn't give enough pay off when applied to the cheek bones which is sad as when swatches its a gorgeous colour. The contour shade is perfect but other than the insane amount of fall out once applied it really is perfect and the brush it comes with well.. The fact that it wiped of my makeup when trying to contour just made me really annoyed because the brush is a perfect shape and is the perfect softness with the dense to the brush hairs that makes it the most amazing contour brush ever! Just proves again that drugstore applicators are pants.

Overall I am very 50/50 on the product but I do believe there is better contour palettes in the drugstore. I will continue to use the contour kit and brush to try make it work, so we will see.
 Click the video below to see a full review and demo on this product.

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