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Tuesday 25 September 2018


Back in my youth I always used to wear extensions. I remember my first pair, I got for my 14th birthday and not actually clipping them in right.. I know how?! I used to wear them daily and no matter the hair colour I was, I always had extensions. They seemed to be a trend and all the girls in my year always used to wear them. I, of course, would never ever ever go on a night out, date night or any form of occasion without wearing them either. I went through a stage where my hair wouldn't grow past a certain length and I hated it so I always faked it with clip ins.

I have tried so many different extension over the years but clip ins will always be my favourite, just so easy to maintain and they don't damage your hair. As you can see I've worn extension for a good 10 years and out of all the brands I have tried, my favourite brand by far is Milk and Blush. I have had a few sets from Milk and Blush and their quality is by far the best I have come across at such a reasonable price. I have thick hair and I have always struggled to find clip ins that actually look nice in my hair and not make it obvious that I have fake hair clipped in but these are just the best!!

The set I have are the ombre deluxe set in surf's up and they are the perfect match. The deluxe set is 160g which is a fair amount of hair and I really don't need to use the whole set either which is good. Also, they are seamless to so no bulky extensions and they don't look obvious in the hair too.

The extensions retail for under £100 which is such a good price for a good quality set of extensions and look natural too. They are probably the most light weight and comfortable feeling extensions.
If you wanted to try extensions and wasn't sure on what ones to try. I couldn't recommend Milk and Blush anymore, they are just lush.

 Shop the extensions here and all the other extensions they do here


Thursday 1 March 2018


I finally took the plunge.. I went blondey-silver yay!! Only been wanting to do it for like 2 years and I honestly couldn't thank the hair god that is Paco enough, He is a genius!!

In Jan I started talking with True Live London who offered me a hair colour, cut and blow dry and after seeing the work that Paco has done, I honestly couldn't wait for my hair to feel brand new again.
I went in a few days before to get a patch test because this is so important. It's just to make sure you aren't allergic to the colour/dye they may use.. better safe than sorry huns

My hair before as you can see had some orange/golden tones to it which i'm not a fan of in my hair and it just wasn't looking cute anymore and then my hair now, silvery goodness. So in LOVE!!!

I asked Paco exactly what he did to my hair just so you guys know exactly what I had done in case you guys wanted this done to your hair too... thank me later

So, first of all, we did a full head of balayage with the technique of backcombing the root so its a softer fade from the root to the blonde. We used 20 vol of bleach and olaplex which I was so excited about because I have never had Olaplex before. If you have never had Olaplex and you don't know what it is, it protects the hair from the bleach and keeps it in a better condition than using just bleach.

After leaving that on my hair for 55 mins, I then had a few treatments done one being the chemistry treatment using all soft from Redken to add moisture back into the hair. Next was the toner to make it the silvery colour that it is, which was a silver violet toner shade EQ from Redken with Olaplex no 2. Then after washing that out, we followed up with a protein treatment to make the hair glossy and shiny.

Finally, it was time to cut the hair, Paco cut in long layers giving the hair a bit of texture to the midlength which my hair definitely needed and finally styled my hair using GHD straighteners to create a soft wave in my hair - the wavy hair that you always see on Instagram and think goals.. well my hair was definitely goals

I am so happy with how my hair turned out and I definitely will be trusting Paco with my from now on. If you fancy seeing a vlog from the day I got my hair done and what its like then check my latest vlog out..


Be sure to check out Paco's Instagram here
and True Live London's website here 

Saturday 17 February 2018


When I was younger I had my whole life planned out. I knew when I wanted to get married, have kids, move out and what job I wanted but life actually happens and sometimes plans never work out as planned..

I always wanted to move out by the age of 20, be engaged by 22 and married at 24. Then kids at 25, then for my job I don't think I have ever mentioned what I wanted to do but I wanted to work for a magazine, I wanted to be either a beauty editor or have a little column talking about beauty. I think when we grow up we all grow up seeing our parents and grandparents achieving things at such an early age that we then think it's meant to happen to us like its expected of us.

In the last 8 years of having this expectation I have ended one toxic relationship and began a new one with someone who I actually wanted to spend my life with, but could never shake the idea of wanting to be engaged, married and have kids by 25. In the last 6 months, I decided to actually forget that mentality and enjoy my life and actually live it because everything changes when you have to settle down and really I'm no way mentally prepared for the big things like marriage and babies. I love living a life that is carefree (almost damn you mortgage haha) can go out when you want and I like being a Miss haha not ready to be a Mrs yet hehe. Oh, and for the job I have been in the same job for almost a decade! I start a blog and youtube channel where I do talk/write about beauty so I'm kinda almost there with the beauty type thing I wanted to do but instead of a magazine I have a blog.

I have seen so many tweets over the last few weeks that I wanted to share my own thoughts and feelings on this topic and of course,  everyone's different and things happen at different times for us all and that at totally ok but I feel like we need drop the expectations and remember that thing have changed. We are the youth that puts carrees before everything, and wanting to live before we settle down. Besides with us putting ourselves first and doing things we have always wanted to do we always have something to tell the grandkids hehe.

More of a life topic today from me but I kinda like to mix it up and give you guys a bit more from me than just style and beauty topics.. I will see you guys in a few days with a new post xoxo

Outfit deets
Coat: Primark similar
Jumper: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Primark


Thursday 1 February 2018


Today’s piece is the final instalment of my Proactiv+ better skin journey. I have been using Proactiv+ for 6 months now and my skin is probably the best it has looked in a very, very long time.
If you have been keeping up to date with my Proactiv+ series then you may have noticed that In my first post I shared my concerns and feelings towards trying this skincare brands products. For me, a key question was ‘because I’ve seen their adverts on TV, is it really that good?!’ This gave me another reason to try Proactv+, I love testing things to see if the hype is justified!!

My main skin problems in the last few years have been blackheads and blemishes on and around my cheeks and of course, my chin which happens due to a little something that us ladies get...
When Proactiv+ reached out to me, my skin was probably the worst it had been in a very, very long time, so I was super pumped to try something that could help my skin.

The picture below was a few weeks before starting Proactiv+ (Apologies for the awful light!!)

Below is the first meeting I had with Proactiv. This is my skin on Day 1 testing out the 3 step system.  

At the beginning of my journey with the Proactiv+ 3-Step System, I had been using a cleansing oil to remove the bulk of my makeup, followed by the Proactv+ 3 step system. I also started using the face mask once to twice a week. The mask is something I have used before and is actually one of my favourite face masks ever! After 3 weeks I noticed that my skin got super clear. But the next day (typically this always happens when I say out loud “my skin is good”), my skin purged like crazy and I had breakouts to deal with again. I’m told this is normal because it's a new skincare and your skin is clearing out pre-existing dirt and debris that have been trapped underneath the skin's surface. So basically, all of the nasty stuff is coming out of the skin. Remember this when trying a new skincare routine!

Fast forward to months two and four my skin got really good. I had the occasional blemish but for me, I would still say my skin was perfect, I can cope with one or two and besides, they would clear up in a few days anyway.Then my skin had a little mini freak out. I'm not sure if it was due to a new foundation or adding a few new things to my skincare routine, I started to use the Deep Cleansing Brush - which is so good for gentle exfoliation and a deep clean. My use of the Mark Fading Pads gave my skin a new lease of life and I still use these every other week to give my skin that glow.

My skin at the start of Jan.  I had a massive breakout due to using protein shakes which my skin massively disagreed with.

My skin a week and a half after continually using Proactiv+. I still have a few blemishes but overall my skin is so much better. This is why I love this skincare so much. There are a few leftover red patches which you can see, but I just wanted you to see how dramatically the skin can change in a week. Ah-ma-zing!!!!!!!!

It's now been 6 months since I started using Proactiv+ and I can honestly say wow! It honestly is amazing. I have never found a skincare product to work so amazingly well with my skin.
Am I blemish-free all the time? 8 times out of 10 I am, but do you know what?! I'm happy with that, no, in fact, I'm over the moon about that because my skin has cleared up so much to the point where it looks good even with little blemishes on my face. Speaking of blemishes I only get tiny little ones now in the same places where I used to get really angry under the skin ones that would hurt (of course I get them on period week but that's totally ok and even then they are two times smaller and less painful than normal).

I will sadly always get blackheads, due to having an oily skin type but they have become a lot smaller than before and aren’t even noticeable on my nose. but they have cleared up completely on my chin, so I have high hopes that maybe in a few more months of using Proactiv+ my nose blackheads may vanish forever.

Honestly, hand on my heart my skin is the best its been in years. I feel so much more comfortable in my skin now. I can easily pop to the shops, go out in public and even go to work with no makeup on and I am 100% happy with my skin. I sit there and kick myself thinking ‘why didn't I use Proactiv+ sooner?’ So there you have it my final post with Proactiv+ chatting about all things skincare.

If you're interested I will do another update on my 1 year annivaersary, to let you know how my skin is a year on. If my skin is this good six month on what will it look like in a year?!

A massive thank you to Proactiv+ for working with me on the past few month and making my skin the best its ever been!! xoxo

If you're interested in trying Proactiv+ yourself, I have promo code that gives you 20% off. It's valid until 1st February.
The code can be used up to two times, so if you want to try then go go gooo..! Use the code SIMPLYB118 
Shop all things Proactiv+ here

*This post is sponsored by Proactiv and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday 24 January 2018

Merci, Mon Cheri

Hey guys! How are you all doing?

Today is a post I have had sitting in my blog drafts for a while and keep forgetting to post. So here it is. This year I am planning more style content because if I'm honest I love style content a lot more these days! So awkward poser here is definitely going to up the style post more this year and I canny wait!!

I do have to say you probably will get bored of the jeans, shoes and bag though because these three have become a staple in my everyday style.  They are something I can chuck on and it works. The bag brightens the outfit up and the jeans and shoes give a more stylish yet casual vibe which I am all for these days.

Outfit deets:
Blazer: Primark
Jeans: Asos
Bag: Next
Shoes: Primark
Top: Topshop:
Rings: Pandora

Photographed by Adrian Stanley

Tuesday 23 January 2018


You may or may not be aware (if not where have you been) I'm currently working with Proactiv+ on changing my skincare and learning tonnes about skincare too. I haven't really spoken much about our little meetings so far, so today I thought I would share with you a little summary of what happens and also the absolute goals that Spring at Somerset House is as a restaurant.

Every other month we meet up to have a consultation with Proactiv+ dermatologist Dr Laura Savage, last time we met up it was at Drybar in London for a pamper session -which can I say was honestly needed and my hair has never looked so good after a blow dry - but anyways back to this meeting. We went to Spring, which is located in London’s Somerset House, the decor is beaut! It's such an Instagram-able place which for us handful for influencers was an absolute dream. I mean come on the bar was marble and the floors in the restroom are pink.. yes, you heard that right pink.

We were treated to a lovely three-course meal where we all got to catch-up with each other, the Proactiv+ girls and the lovely Dr Laura Savage.
These meetings are great because you get to talk about any concerns you may have with your skin. I had a few concerns which I won’t go in to now but let's just say Laura is a skin goddess. Of course, the food may play a big part in the meetings too... hehe

Speaking of food, sadly there was nothing I really liked on the main menu yay to being a fussy eater, so I opted for a starter which was Onion and Chestnut soup which actually was so, so yummy and for dessert I had ice cream because yes I am still a child at heart.

Here is some of the food the girls chose from the menu because sadly no matter what photo I took of my food it never looked appealing enough.. typical of me not picking the photogenic food!

Proactiv+ was so lovely to gift us a huge bag full of products to try and also a top up which I must say came in handy as I was running low on my favourite the Skin Purifying Face Mask .. if you missed my last post on my favourite skincare products from Proactiv+ then click here.

I'm sad that the meetings with everyone have finished but at the end of the month, I will have my final post up where you will see the before and after shots of my skin, and can I just say wow...

* This post is sponsored by Proactiv. All thoughts and opinions and photos are my own


Saturday 13 January 2018


HEY EVERYONE!! How is the start of the year for you guys? Mine hasn't been bad if anything its been really really good. I wanted to do a post where I rounded up my 2017 and told you guys what I wanted out of the new year, but if I'm completely honest my 2017 Started off amazing but ended completely and utterly shit! So I decided to scrap that idea and tell you what I want from 2018..

1. Keep on top of my fitness and healthy eating.
Now I started this is November because honestly I was sick of eating the way I did and what I saw when I looked in the mirror. So December I had a P.T and have been training 4 times a week and honestly, I love it so I can't see this going anytime

2. Read more!!
I admire so many people who can read multiple books a month. So I decided I am going to do just that. I'm dyslexic so I do struggle with reading which is something I don't think I have
ever mentioned it before so yeah I do struggle so if my grammar 
and things are correct that's why 
But I will read more books!!

3. Work on my photography and Instagram
This is something I want to do every year but never actually say out loud so therefore I never actually do. I want to have my own style to my images that work on all my social platforms as well as my blog. So this maybe something that happens later on in the year but I will get there!!

4. Cook more meals
In my house, Tom is the main person who cooks. I am just so scared of food poising anyone (myself mostly haha) So this year I want to make more meals and step out of my comfort zone.. this one. this one I can see me not completing this year

5. Take my youtube/blog ect somewhere..
Currently, my youtube and blog is somewhere along the lines of part time/hobby, yes I do the occasional sponsored post but I would love to make it more of a part time thing. Would I love it to be full time? YES. Could it be full time in 2018? NO. As much as I would love to go full time I feel like I don't have an actual place in the world of blogging and youtube and if anything If I was to of gone full time it would of happened already, so if I would like anything to come from this would be to maybe make it more of a part time job type thing ma bob!!

So there you go five things I want from 2018. Whats yours? I'd love to know


Outfit Deets
Jacket - New Look
Hat - Primark
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Boohoo via Asos
Scarf - Asos
Bag - Ebay

Photographed by Jess

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