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Thursday 1 March 2018


I finally took the plunge.. I went blondey-silver yay!! Only been wanting to do it for like 2 years and I honestly couldn't thank the hair god that is Paco enough, He is a genius!!

In Jan I started talking with True Live London who offered me a hair colour, cut and blow dry and after seeing the work that Paco has done, I honestly couldn't wait for my hair to feel brand new again.
I went in a few days before to get a patch test because this is so important. It's just to make sure you aren't allergic to the colour/dye they may use.. better safe than sorry huns

My hair before as you can see had some orange/golden tones to it which i'm not a fan of in my hair and it just wasn't looking cute anymore and then my hair now, silvery goodness. So in LOVE!!!

I asked Paco exactly what he did to my hair just so you guys know exactly what I had done in case you guys wanted this done to your hair too... thank me later

So, first of all, we did a full head of balayage with the technique of backcombing the root so its a softer fade from the root to the blonde. We used 20 vol of bleach and olaplex which I was so excited about because I have never had Olaplex before. If you have never had Olaplex and you don't know what it is, it protects the hair from the bleach and keeps it in a better condition than using just bleach.

After leaving that on my hair for 55 mins, I then had a few treatments done one being the chemistry treatment using all soft from Redken to add moisture back into the hair. Next was the toner to make it the silvery colour that it is, which was a silver violet toner shade EQ from Redken with Olaplex no 2. Then after washing that out, we followed up with a protein treatment to make the hair glossy and shiny.

Finally, it was time to cut the hair, Paco cut in long layers giving the hair a bit of texture to the midlength which my hair definitely needed and finally styled my hair using GHD straighteners to create a soft wave in my hair - the wavy hair that you always see on Instagram and think goals.. well my hair was definitely goals

I am so happy with how my hair turned out and I definitely will be trusting Paco with my from now on. If you fancy seeing a vlog from the day I got my hair done and what its like then check my latest vlog out..


Be sure to check out Paco's Instagram here
and True Live London's website here 
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