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Sunday 21 August 2016

Being Colour Confidence With Dove

I'm not going to lie, I am one for always wearing neutral colour clothing all year round and even more so in the hotter months because I am worried of a little sweat marks will show. I am as you would say a sweaty betty I think we all are (even if we admit it or not)  so I really hate wearing colour but over the past month I have been testing out Dove's Invisible Dry to really see if it helps keep the visible tell tell sweat marks at bay and honestly it really does!

Dove kindly invited me to Goodwoods Ladies day to really put it to the test but sadly I couldn't attend so I wanted to show you how it really holds up in daily life. All day today I have been super busy driving on motorways which in itself gives me the nervous sweats, I have been ruining errands and spending time with my best friend in this gorgeous field in the hot humid heat and do you see a patch under them armpits? Umm no way! I am a massively fan of Dove deodorant in general but this Invisible Dry is definitely my firm favourite. It's allowing me to wear colour in the hot humid british weather which I never thought would happen, so I am one happy sweat free bunny..

Thanks to Dove & Golin PR for working with me on this blog post
Dress: Free People via Selfridges
Photos taken by Copper Garden 
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