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Saturday 13 January 2018


HEY EVERYONE!! How is the start of the year for you guys? Mine hasn't been bad if anything its been really really good. I wanted to do a post where I rounded up my 2017 and told you guys what I wanted out of the new year, but if I'm completely honest my 2017 Started off amazing but ended completely and utterly shit! So I decided to scrap that idea and tell you what I want from 2018..

1. Keep on top of my fitness and healthy eating.
Now I started this is November because honestly I was sick of eating the way I did and what I saw when I looked in the mirror. So December I had a P.T and have been training 4 times a week and honestly, I love it so I can't see this going anytime

2. Read more!!
I admire so many people who can read multiple books a month. So I decided I am going to do just that. I'm dyslexic so I do struggle with reading which is something I don't think I have
ever mentioned it before so yeah I do struggle so if my grammar 
and things are correct that's why 
But I will read more books!!

3. Work on my photography and Instagram
This is something I want to do every year but never actually say out loud so therefore I never actually do. I want to have my own style to my images that work on all my social platforms as well as my blog. So this maybe something that happens later on in the year but I will get there!!

4. Cook more meals
In my house, Tom is the main person who cooks. I am just so scared of food poising anyone (myself mostly haha) So this year I want to make more meals and step out of my comfort zone.. this one. this one I can see me not completing this year

5. Take my youtube/blog ect somewhere..
Currently, my youtube and blog is somewhere along the lines of part time/hobby, yes I do the occasional sponsored post but I would love to make it more of a part time thing. Would I love it to be full time? YES. Could it be full time in 2018? NO. As much as I would love to go full time I feel like I don't have an actual place in the world of blogging and youtube and if anything If I was to of gone full time it would of happened already, so if I would like anything to come from this would be to maybe make it more of a part time job type thing ma bob!!

So there you go five things I want from 2018. Whats yours? I'd love to know


Outfit Deets
Jacket - New Look
Hat - Primark
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Boohoo via Asos
Scarf - Asos
Bag - Ebay

Photographed by Jess


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