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Tuesday 25 September 2018


Back in my youth I always used to wear extensions. I remember my first pair, I got for my 14th birthday and not actually clipping them in right.. I know how?! I used to wear them daily and no matter the hair colour I was, I always had extensions. They seemed to be a trend and all the girls in my year always used to wear them. I, of course, would never ever ever go on a night out, date night or any form of occasion without wearing them either. I went through a stage where my hair wouldn't grow past a certain length and I hated it so I always faked it with clip ins.

I have tried so many different extension over the years but clip ins will always be my favourite, just so easy to maintain and they don't damage your hair. As you can see I've worn extension for a good 10 years and out of all the brands I have tried, my favourite brand by far is Milk and Blush. I have had a few sets from Milk and Blush and their quality is by far the best I have come across at such a reasonable price. I have thick hair and I have always struggled to find clip ins that actually look nice in my hair and not make it obvious that I have fake hair clipped in but these are just the best!!

The set I have are the ombre deluxe set in surf's up and they are the perfect match. The deluxe set is 160g which is a fair amount of hair and I really don't need to use the whole set either which is good. Also, they are seamless to so no bulky extensions and they don't look obvious in the hair too.

The extensions retail for under £100 which is such a good price for a good quality set of extensions and look natural too. They are probably the most light weight and comfortable feeling extensions.
If you wanted to try extensions and wasn't sure on what ones to try. I couldn't recommend Milk and Blush anymore, they are just lush.

 Shop the extensions here and all the other extensions they do here



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