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Saturday 19 August 2017

Pale Girls Guide To Fake Tan | Why I swear by Bondi Sands

My natural skin tone is very pale. Im in between white as snow and light porcelain. With a olive skin tone on my body but pink on the face.. I know strange
Up until the age of 15/16 I never used fake tan I was comfortable with my skin tone, despite looking back at old photos of me wearing foundation that never matched and the foundation line *cringe*  fake tan was something I never had an interest in. Although I always got comments from people saying I looked ill or I should get a bit of sun on my skin it was something I just used to brush off.
I remember the first fake tan I used and the feeling I had from fake tanning, the confident having more colour to my skin and my foundation actually matching. Since then I have always fake tanned..

The last 4 years I have every week on a Thursday have always fake tanned. #faketanthursday
I have tried so many fake tans that are perfect for pale/fair skin tones so today I will be sharing my ultimate holy grail fake tanning products/brand that I am always repurchasing.
That brand is Bondi Sands.. I have tried a fair few products from them but today I am sharing my top two fake tan and the ones that I use to keep my tan looking like I am an Aussie girl

1. Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Tanning Foam.
This is actually more of a new one to my must haves. I have always loved the dark one but as soon as this one came out it took first place and replaced my love for the dark one.. well moved it to second place. It such a lovely deep dark colour which is a green based so to me it gives me a nice olive tan and looks nice a natural. For me it fades my better than the dark and its more of a natural fade and last longer. The tan lasts on my for up to 5 days without me having to do anything which I really like.

2. Bondi Sands Dark Tanning Foam.
Again I love this tan and was my favourite for two years. The difference is that I find this to be more red based so it gives more of un-natural tan but I only noticed it more when I used the dark tan but still none the less I still love it and still continue to use it. This will last up to 4 days on my skin but longer if I make sure I exfoliate and keep applying moisturiser. If you're new to tanning maybe this one is a good place to start because I know that a ultra dark tan can be a little scary..

For keeping my tan maintained I love the liquid gold for that extra layer of tan and giving my skin a bit of a glow which is perfect for summer and I also love the gradual tanners both foam and liquid.
They are perfect for prolonging the tan and giving my skin moisture.

And for removing my tan the tan eraser. I did a whole testing video on this on my channel which I will leave below but this is perfect for removing tan especially tans that are stubborn or for when you want to remove your tan and then re apply a fresh layer the next day. I am now on my 3rd bottle and honestly I couldn't have a tanning routine without it.

So there you have it my H.G tans, extenders and removers. I will do another pale fake tan products because there is a few more I love so keep an eye out!!


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