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Wednesday 30 March 2016

Sleek Cream Contour Kit

At the beginning of the month I went to London to the launch of the new Sleek cream contour kits. Sleek was the first brand that I remember to launch a contour kit in the drugstore that was really good for the price point, was really pigmented and got my love for contour kits started. 2016 every drugstore brand seems to be bringing out contour kits and Sleek have too but with cream contouring. Now this is the first time I have tried a cream contour kit and this one is amazing!!
There will be  a first impressions coming up soon so you'll be able to see it in action but until then here is a sneak peak and swatches of the kits.

The Sleek Cream Contour Kits will be released on the 6th of April and come in light, medium and dark so its perfect for every skin tone and colour. I have used the light and medium contour kits and they honestly so good and really pigmented. I love how the kits can be used for the obvious which is contouring, bronzing up the skin and also using the shades mixed to blend out the harsh lines to make it flawless and blend it in to your skin tone and if your new to the contouring game it also comes with  a little directions leaflet with all the steps which is really good.

My natural skin tone is very very pale so for me finding foundations let alone contour kits is very hard, they either look muddy and dark for my skin colour but these are perfect. The right shades and tone for any pale girls out there and its actually so good to have a drugstore brand targeting pale complexions because it seems no other brand do that. The medium shade is perfect for when I'm freshly fake tanned through to 4 days after being tanned. its so good for when I'm transiting back to pale and the shades are perfect. I honestly can't rave about how good these are!

If you love contouring then you defiantly need to check these out when they are released, seriously amazing - thumbs up emoji inserted here*


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  1. These look brilliant! I can't wait to get my hands on them. Thanks for sharing :) xx


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