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Saturday 30 April 2016

Positivity & How I Try To Always Stay Happy

I'm not going to lie 90% of the time I am the most happiest and up beat person ever. I look at everyday as kind of my last, I get excited over the tiniest of things and I will do something that day that I know I can look back at at the end of the night and think 'today was a good day' but of course I am a human and the remaining 5% of my time I can be really upset and feel very blah!

I was never really a happy person a few years back, I held in a lot of feelings and to be honest was just really negative but while growing up I have learned to not take things to heart, to accept things that happen and just move on and the one biggest thing I have learned is that you can't change a situation, some problems and people..
Speaking of people this was something that really effected me and what made me be a negative person. I was friends with people who I felt I had to impress, or had to fake being someone I wasn't just to be friends and I hate that about myself, I was never happy and it just made me down all the time. I also had people who wouldn't leave me alone and kept constantly trying to get back in to my life, until recently. Something in me changed and I felt a massive weight fall from my shoulder. I finally let go of people who wasn't making me happy and who I felt I had to be fake for and since then everything I do I enjoy a hell of a lot more.. Of course being happy is a yourself type thing but people around you who you don't realise really effect how you think with and without even knowing.

Accepting yourself for who you are is the biggest thing that makes you happy. I found this so hard to overcome but in the last year I have learned to love myself for who I am. I may not be the smartest person in world, prettiest and successful person but I am unique. I am the one person in the world who is original and there is no one around like me. Good thing bad thing who knows . We are all one person who is like no other and that pretty cool. So I'm happy that now at almost the age of 24 I have learnt to think that I am one cool person hehe. Self love is so difficult to achieve but honestly once you are there you feel content. For someone who was always a people pleaser to now always make yourself happy will always make you happy.. ALWAYS

How I try to stay happy even on my sad days:
  • Take time for you!  If that be a long bubble bath, a cheeky naughty snack or a shopping trip. Girl you do it. 
  • Suround yourself with only positivity. Let go of thing and people that always make you feel rubbish. No one or thing should make you upset
  • Look at every situation as a positive. If you have one to many sweets, cheat meals, you get a spot on your face or even have a bad day at work, do something that will make you happy and not dwell on it. If you ate one to many pieces of chocolate get your bum to the gym and make your work out worth it to burn the cals off. Stressful day at work? Pamper yourself to the hot bubble bath you have thought about all day. Got an annoying spot? Get out your favourite masks and treat your skin.
  • Stay of social media for a day or two. This is defiantly something I stand by. If i have a bad day chances of me seeing something on twitter, Facebook or instagram is garenteed to make your mood worse and thats never good. I will normally read a book or snuggle up with my kitten on the sofa and bing what my fave tv shows. Its going to take your mind off the bad and distract you and come one who doesn't like kitten cuddles..

So pretty much thats the things that made me change and how I try stay happy 95%  of the time. 
Let me know what you do when your feeling blue and if you like these types of posts 


  1. This is such a good post! Sometimes staying positive is hard, but once you've nailed it you've got the skills for life! xx

  2. You seem to have had a fun day !


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